• Bulevard Republika, Korçë, 7001, AL



To be a trustworthy partner for clients and suppliers and to enhance the value of PAMPLAST Company in order to ensure a safe future for its employees.


Respect for the fundamental values of the Company: responsibility, integrity, reaction, flexibility, client care, cooperation and leadership.

Investment opportunities in Albania, through encouraging lifelong learning, individual entrepreneurship and self-assessment

Establishment of new standards for the business, through innovations and critical thinking and by means of provision of market guidelines for the clients

Provision of products and innovative solutions that meet the changing trends and specific market needs

Acting locally while thinking globally- strategic geographical provision of services for a wide range of companies that operate in the Balkan region

Increase of profit through organic growth and strategic purchase.

Provision of competitive prices, vertical market integration and full usage of inner energy

Combination of modern technologies with the long term know-how experience and market knowledge

Protection of the global environment and living society

Continuous revision of the market changing trends by enhancing the company practices to meet successfully the regional trends, with the aim of shaping the future of the business, the economy and the society


PAM PLAST Company acts in full accordance to the Health and Safety policy:

Health, safety and job welfare provision for all of the employees, contractors, visitors and public members in contact with the company activity

Reduction and minimization of possible property damages

Improvement of the company Health and Safety awareness

In order to fulfill the above policy, PAM PLAST Company aims:

To provide a proper working site, equipped with welfare items, practically reasonable and healthily safe

To fulfill health norms and safety legislation in power; and, when available to set up new standards, procedures and guidelines for the Company

To ensure practical and reasonable working conditions, for the safety of the staff in machinery and equipment use

To provide information, guidelines, training and supervision of the technical use of the machineries and equipment, when the Company judges necessary

To preserve and improve the procedures and training for the safe use and transport of the articles and raw materials, to the extent that it is practically reasonable and healthily safe for the working staff.

To organize continuous advisory meetings with health, safety and welfare stakeholders

To identify, assess and minimize possible dangers that might affect the working staff directly.

To improve continuously the performance of the innovative technology, education and good management practices

To encourage quality health practices for the employees

To promote positive awareness, based on the principle that incidents can be prevented; in case of unpredictable occurrences, to provide emergency reactions in order to minimize people and property damage

To investigate regularly the update and the improvement of the Health and Safety policies.

To render all employees and contractors aware of the Health and Safety policies

It is the responsibility of the PAM PLAST Company to establish a cooperating working context for the employers, employees and contractors, in order to apply the above policy.

This policy is reviewed annually to improve its efficacy and to reflect legislation updates or corporate requirements.

Temporary reviews are also undertaken in line with particular occurrences.


If you feel inspired by the Company’s values and if you share common aspirations with us, please send your CV  to the contact email below. The Department will contact you as soon as possible in case of a job vacancy that suits your profile.